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Set of 14 9"x22" Ivory Tulle & Ivory Satin Wedding Bows Pew Bows Church Decorations (More Colors)

Price: $79.99

Item Number: 8013
You will receive 14 Ivory Tulle and Ivory Satin finished bows. They are approximately 9"x22" inches in diameter and long. Great For decorating church pews, reception halls, chairs, tables, rails, arches, signs and more. Bows come with long ribbon on the backs to easily attach them to pews and things. Tulle is on the back of the bows. Bows are shipped flat with easy fluffing instructions.
This set of 14 Bows retails in Bridal Shops and in Craft Stores for $310.00 and up. BUY FROM US AND SAVE MONEY!


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Product Reviews

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Great Bows, I saved $$
Holly,K (UT) 3/26/2016 8:00 PM
I didn't realize I had to fluff them. I guess next time I should read. But, they are still worth the price. Michaels wanted like $600.00 for these. I called up a few friends and we fluffed them in no time. I am happy with this purchase and now getting ready to buy a 4th set. Thanks
So Beautiful!!!
Kathy Bass (NJ) 8/6/2015 3:53 PM
Bows arrived and after we fluffed them they are so beautiful. Can't buy anything in the store for this price. Glad we made the purchase!
Great Bows
Susan Summerton (Pasadena, MD) 2/9/2015 11:06 PM
Thank you for offering these bows on sale. I shopped around my area and bows in comparison were over $300.00. With saving so much $$$ I didn't mind at all fluffing them myself. I am ordering another set for reception hall.
Bows are a great value compaired to whats in stores
S. Saunders (Mo) 1/14/2015 2:31 AM
We really liked these bows and will be ordering another set. We thought they were a little hard to fluff, but they're not once you get the hang of it. They added extra bows and the instructions for fluffing were pretty easy by the time you fluff the second one. My mom and I shopped around for wedding bows and our craft store wanted more than 20.00 a piece. this is really a good bargain and you save money if you on a budget like me.