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Small Family business specializing in handmade keepsake floral designs for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Sweet 16, Homecoming, Proms, School Dances, Graduations, and Cause Ribbons . The Bouquets, Corsages, Boutonnieres, and Pew Bows featured on this site are all made with the finest artificial flowers, and floral materials available. We Ship All Around The World!

We are very proud to say all of our Bows are proudly made right here in the USA from making the materials to the finished product!

Most of our Flowers, Arrangements and Other Products are made here in the USA and some from around the world. We shop a very few suppliers around the world so we can bring you colors to match your events. Colors that are sadly not available here in the states.  



There are so many reasons to choose Silk Flowers over the traditional real live flowers, besides price.
See all the benefits, and learn why silk flowers are perfect for any special event.


Unparalleled Realism

Our products are designed using only the finest quality materials, including some Real Touch / Natural Touch Flowers, and Swarovski crystals. We pride ourselves on being exceptionally picky when it comes to the realism of our products. Our flowers are so realistic, you'll need to resist the urge to bend down to smell them.

Remember the Occasion

What better keepsake is there than the very bouquet you held in your hand while walking down the aisle at your wedding. A bridal bouquet from Bridal Bunches is something you’ll cherish for many years to come. The Best keepsake you can have besides your bride or groom!

No Wilting

Live flowers begin to wilt from the moment they are cut. Many flowers like calla lilies and gardenias have a very short life span and require perfect timing to survive the wedding ceremony, let alone all the pictures and parties. The sun will wilt live flowers even faster during outdoor weddings. Flowers from us, Bridal Bunches will look as fresh as the day you receive them and for many years later.

Destination Weddings

Take the hassle and stress out of trying to coordinate the flowers for your destination wedding. Bridal Bunches can ship your bridal floral package weeks, even months before your wedding day. Know exactly what you're getting, no hassles, no stress, no surprises. You can’t do that with real "live" flowers.

Allergy Sufferers Rejoice!

If you get a little misty eyed during your wedding ceremony let it be for the right reasons. Allergy sufferers no longer have to endure sneezing and watery eyes for the sake of a beautiful floral bouquet.